Meadow 220g
Meadow 220g

Meadow 220g

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Meadow - (Velvet, Peony & Oud)

Meadow is for the dreamer within us. A combined mixture of velvet, peony and oud makes any room feel like it is in bloom. The handsome fragrances blend into your audience, encouraging the notion that we are sat amongst the secret rose garden, yet still within our living rooms. Allowing the woody complexities of the clove and agarwood to come forth, we ignite an eternal belief that we are at one with nature.

If relaxation was not enough, the sweet love story between the vanilla and praline will draw you in. With soft floral undertones and bright fruit fragrances in the wind, Meadow is here to enchant. Making those dreams a seamless reality.

 220g: Single Wick: Presentation Gift Box

- Natural Soy Wax
- Vegan Friendly
- Long Burn times

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