Ruxley 220g
Ruxley 220g

Ruxley 220g

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Ruxley – (Lime, Basil and Mandarin)

Ruxley will give you the refreshing taste of a pulsating garden as the lime and basil combust to create an atmosphere that seduces you. The intensity of the mandarin acts as a delicate diffuser to combine three personalities, creating an uplifting aroma.

Like a secret garden, Ruxley is a different experience for every individual who is mesmerised by the freshness this scent may possess. Brightening up every room, Ruxley will cultivate your temperaments, whilst allowing you to truly relax into the magic of the moment and the bouquet of the orchard.

220g : Single Wick : Gift Presentation Box

- Natural Soy Wax
- Vegan Friendly
- Long Burn times

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