Milbrook 480g
Milbrook 480g

Milbrook 480g

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Milbrook – (Bergamot & Truffles)

Milbrook is the most traditional of the fragrances; keeping it simple, though advanced. The earthy nature of the truffle with the spicy heritage of the bergamot subconsciously complement each other majestically. Forcing you to forget you are inside a room.

As a founding fragrance, Milbrook is proud, responsible and kind. Though, don’t let the softness of the scent lure you away from the reality that Milbrook is a firm, withstanding honourable spirit. Combining fragrances of the Earth, Milbrook offers a subliminal, unconscious citrus undertone that encourages growth and longevity throughout its lifetime. Radiating in the knowledge it has healing powers, Milbrook is an aroma that can heighten a positive mood.

480g : Three Wicks : Presentation Gift Box

- Natural Soy Wax
- Vegan Friendly
- Long Burn times

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