Copsem 480g
Copsem 480g

Copsem 480g

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Copsem -  (Pomegranate & Plum)

Copsem loves company. The subtle nature of the pomegranate combined with the self-pollenating plum means that Copsem creates an energy that will support your unrequited needs. Perfect, to just brighten up a moment on your own or shared with others, Copsem offers a cheeky, fruity character that is encouraged by the very ingredients that created it.

A flamboyant disposition, Copsem bounces through the air as if playing with the wind. Its natural want to move inspires a wistful, abundant ability to please. A scent,  which will never fail to make you smile, Copsem is an startlingly pleasurable experience.

480g : Three Wicks : Presentation Gift Box

- Natural Soy Wax
- Vegan Friendly
- Long Burn times

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