Albany 480g
Albany 480g

Albany 480g

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Albany – (Almond, Vanilla & Caramel)

Albany offers you a strong, educated aroma. Resoundingly authentic in almond roots, you feel you can touch its soul with yours. The lacy caramel opens your sensors and its secret powers ignite a room into a flurry of rousing familiarities. It’s wise, encompassing, yet sweet perfume captivates you with its timeless wisdom.

Albany is an experienced fragrance, that allows you to get lost in the occasion. It’s unknowingly refined elegance lingers in the air, replicating those moments of history that have been before. The instant hit of vanilla, followed by the after taste of the tri-mixture is a scent that you can always put faith and trust in.

480g : Three Wicks : Presentation Gift Box

- Natural Soy Wax
- Vegan Friendly
- Long Burn times

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